Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blair Moody second-graders bring animals to life!

How do you bring animals to life in a school environment?

Pupils at Blair Moody Elementary School recently created a "living zoo."

The school's second-graders focused on the program. They each researched a particular animal, preparing reports, power points, habitats and projects on their chosen animal over the past month.

As their final activity, the students learned facts about their animal. They then topped the project off by dressing up as their animal of choice.

But the show was only beginning at that point. Dressed as an animal, the pupils lined the hallways of the school, complete with a "push button" sign next to them. As parents and visitors walked down the halls and pressed buttons, the children responded by reciting facts about their animals.

As anyone can see, the costumes were amazing and everyone involved was impressed with the level of information -- as well as the look -- of the pupils participating!

Who needs a zoo when you can just drive down to Blair Moody and see this type of talent? After all, the animals don't answer your questions at the zoo, do they?

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