Saturday, March 24, 2018

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students give cardio drumming a try

Lori Harvard at Hoover Middle School wants her students to be able to have fun at school, but there are not many activities/clubs that interest them.

She wanted to do something to fill that gap and decided to try cardio drumming with them. Harvard attends a drumming class a few times a week and recorded it to share with the kids. They enjoyed it and wanted to try it.

Harvard went through the routine with them and told them to pretend they had the equipment to do it. Next, the students got the feel of the drumsticks that Harvard uses, to get the feel of it. 

The students promised to do the activity if she got the equipment. We will do the drumming a couple times a week when time permits.

And a big shout out to Nick from Home Depot for his financial support.

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