Sunday, April 14, 2019

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL after school science pupils are busy

The Randall Elementary School fourth grade afterschool Science Enrichment program is from March 5 - April 30.

The first lab, students conducted a science unit on OOBLECK. OOBLECK is a mysterious substance that, at times, acts like a liquid, while at other times acts like a solid.

Students discovered the properties of OOBLECK while making literary connections. Students held a scientific convention to discuss and analyze their findings, where they refined communication skills.

Lastly, they became engineers and designed a spacecraft that can land successfully on an ocean of OOBLECK and then take off again without getting stuck.

The second lab the students will become "CSI" investigators. Student detectives will conduct many hands-on forensic science tests on evidence found at a fictional "crime scene." Any one of these tests is interesting and powerful in itself together they add up to a powerful and motivating experience that the children will remember for years.
Thank you to teachers Dana Hale and Stacy Burns for running the Science Enrichment program.

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