Saturday, February 10, 2018

INTERNET RESOURCES? Try these on for size

In this day and age, Internet resources are important when parents are thinking of the proper education of their children.

The Taylor School District offers two such sources -- Wonderopolis and ACLS MedicalTraining -- as sound options when looking for Internet resources for parents and their children.

Wonderopolis a great website.  Each day a new wonder is asked and then answered.  You can sign up for the wonder of the day to be sent to you by email and then you can discuss it together as a family each day.  You can also submit your own wonders and maybe yours will get chosen to be on their website.

Parents should always be looking for the best information on how to keep their child safe.  They can receive information about a great resource that compiled all kinds of  tips and information on ways to keep our children safe in many different life situations at ACLS Medical Training.

  • Please note that the Taylor School District is not responsible for the content of sites outside of the district website.  These links are provided to our familes and community members as a courtesy.   We are not responsible for their content nor do we endorse any of the services offered. 

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