Sunday, July 19, 2015

TAYLOR SUMMER ACADEMY includes about 200 students

It is that time of year and the Taylor Summer Academy is in full swing. 

The Taylor Summer Academy is in full swing.  Last week was the first week of the Taylor Summer Academy.  Around 200 students going into grades 2-8 are enjoying a fun filled time of learning.  Students were able to choose classes such as: Could You Survive in the Wilderness, Discover the Watery Deep, Movie Magic, Wacky Science, Painting with Heart, and more.

The program ended a recent week with a action-packed and awe-inspiring magic show put on by Doug Sheer, "The Magic of Science."  

He did his magic tricks and shared some on the science that made many of his tricks possible. Was it really magic, or was ot simply science?  He told the kids that many of his tricks could be explained by science and that they would have to visit a library and read a book to find out how.

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